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Personal Styling Program

Free Personal Styling @steelmillandco is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Get Clothes You'll LOVE from Stylists Who Listen and Care!

What Kind of Styling Session is Right For You?

Save Time and Treat Yourself!

Why book a styling session?
  • Have fun & treat yourself!
  • Lower stress by saving time
  • Try new styles & trends with expert advice
  • Prepare for a special event or vacation
  • Build a seasonal capsule wardrobe
  • Assemble complete, budget-conscious looks
  • Book a session with one friend or a group!
What do i get in a session?
  • One-on-one attention from your stylist
  • Access to the latest trends and newest pieces
  • A curated collection of garments to try, selected with your specific tastes in mind
  • Private fitting room
  • Fashion advice to take your look to the next level
  • Explore a variety of looks in one session
  • Assortments designed to work together
  • Light refreshments