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Free Shipping On All Orders Today!

About Us


Steel Mill Design & Co. — For all the Go-Getters, Mamas, Students, Trendsetters, and Pet Lovers!

We believe that your clothing and home are a statement of individuality and empowerment. Certain pieces speak to you and only you. We offer high-quality, distinct, lifestyle brands that incorporate not only style - but family and faith.

The Steel Mill opened our store front in the heart of Bowling Green, Kentucky in March of 2016. Our goal is to bring clothing to women and men as well as locally made gift items and custom home decor. We offer that one-of-a-kind item you are looking for! We focus on trendy younger gals as well as the mothers and grandmothers of our community. Bringing everyday pieces to women such as these has brought a new light to our store front - leading us to where we are. With coffee in hand, and our dogs by our side, our goal is to find unique pieces that you love at great prices. We spend our days pursuing passions, trends and have an ultimate love for all things local.

So welcome to our website and hope you feel right at home because we are so excited to bring this new journey to our business and bring happiness to our customers!


Hi, I’m Chandler Rogers! I am the owner of Steel Mill Lifestyle Boutique. I began my journey in retail nine years ago and knew this would be something I wanted to pursue into a full-time career. I found out at an early age that merchandising came easy to me. I have always trusted my instinct and followed my passions. From re-designing anything and everything in homes to designing a chicken coop - my love for design continues.

At age 23, many people did not believe in me. Little did I know, my boyfriend (at the time) would be my biggest supporter. On a whim, he picked me up and took us to Chicago for a weekend getaway where he proposed and asked me to be his wife. Of course I said YES! I have been waiting for this for almost four years! On our extremely short trip, I realized how much I wanted to pursue my dreams in designing as we grown into a family. Chicago was a place for constant change and I wanted to incorporate that into my small community. As we traveled back to Kentucky, I noticed windmills for miles along the highway throughout Indiana. They are constantly changing. Always evolving. Making me unusually intrigued by their usefulness. In that very moment there it was- the idea to call my imaginary store “Steel Mill”.

Me and my Fiancé began discussing all the possibilities that lie ahead of us. We bounced ideas off of each other and compared theories on how we could pull this off. It hit me like a struct of lighting- I’m going to chase my dream, take a risk and open my own Lifestyle store. Mind you, I had already received my Associate in Arts. I was focused on furthering my education even more by getting a Bachelor’s in Interior Design. With all of this in mind, I knew what I had to do to make my dreams come true: finish my semester in college, open my store front and see where this crazy idea takes me. A year and half later, I would not change anything. Getting engaged to getting married, attending college, and opening a store front was down right hard to manage, but with the love and support of my family, I am able to still be successful. I walk into my store knowing all the sweat and tears I have shed is well worth it.

My customers, community and my newly hired manager; I knew everything happened for a reason making this journey the best one yet! Oh, just wait. There is MORE! We are expecting a baby girl any day now! Yes, what a year we have had right? Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way! This so-called idea became a reality for both of us. Our family and business continue to grow. We are rocking it out daily here at the Steel Mill!


Hello beautiful people! I am Rachel Sheldon, Manager of Steel Mill. From as young as I can remember, I have always had a knack for fashion and all things decor. With an eagerness to learn, I studied both Business and Fashion Merchandising in college. It is here that I knew my next chapter needed to incorporate both my creative energy and love for people.

Fashion has always been a part of my life and happiness. It makes me smile. It inspires me. It is ever-changing. It makes life more beautiful than it already is. Whether it be redecorating every corner of my living room or shopping for the latest trend- there is nothing like finding the perfect piece. Whats even more exciting? The thrill of the hunt.

Lucky for me- The Steel Mill salutes all of my favorite things: fashion, decor, and people. Oh and I almost forgot… my love for dogs! We acknowledge that it is not possible to love your dog too much. I mean everyone lets their dog eat off their fork right? I am so very grateful to spend each day living my passion. The Steel Mill allows me to create new things and see my ideas come to life!